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Mimi Coffey's two publishing's
Mimi's two book publications: (left) The First Edition of Texas DWI Defense: The Law and Practice (right) The Second Edition of Texas DWI Defense: The Law and Practice

DWI Publications:

Mimi Coffey has two book publications. Mimi Coffey’s Publications include, a book called  “Texas DWI Defense: The Law and Practice“, which is now in its second edition. Mimi’s co-author James Nesci, is a DWI lawyer out of Arizona. Mimi’s Co-Author, James Nesci, has also published over 25 books on top of that. Mimi’s contributions include Texas case law, Texas practice, Texas motions, and trial work application tips. Mimi Coffey wrote the book on DWI Defense. Both books combined serve as a ‘how to guide’ for any lawyer on how to properly execute a successful DWI case. Many of the strategies in the book serve as good examples for BWI, Assault, Possession, and other Criminal Defense Cases. In addition, Mimi has also authored 4 national articles published in The Champion (the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer magazine). On top of that, she has six statewide publications in The Voice (the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer magazine). Furthermore, Mimi is board certified in DWI Defense by the National College of DUI Defense (recognized by the American Bar Association as well as the Texas Board of Legal Specialization). She takes great pride in her scholarship and academic work in the field of DWI.

In this article, Mimi writes about the connection between fear and the standard field sobriety tests (SFSTs) that police have a driver perform before being arrested for DWI. She argues that fear reduces a person’s ability to perform the tests because fear can cause a person’s brain to ‘forget’ many key motor skills, such as balance, and to not process information clearly. A common example, not mentioned in the paper, is a fear of public speaking.

This knowledge is important to DWI defense because it provides an opportunity to attack the validity and accuracy of the field sobriety tests. Mimi Coffey and the other DWI lawyers at the Coffey Firm understand the connection between fear and the SFSTs and do what we can to help you through the fear and other emotional aspects of a DWI case.