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DWI Lawyer in Wise County

DWI Attorney in Wise County

Wise County Courthouse

Mimi LOVES being a DWI Lawyer in Wise County. To be sure, Mimi truly respects and admires the Wise County Judicial system. It is one of her FAVORITE places to practice, even more than Collin County.

Wise County is a fairly small county and is close to Tarrant County. In fact, some small portions of Fort Worth fall within Wise County lines. Wise County tends to be a conservative county, but not to the same extreme as Johnson County. Many know Wise County for its “Wise Eyes” crime watch program, which is one of the earliest examples of community policing. Like the Crimestoppers program, the Wise Eyes program allows for citizens to report possible crime without being a part of the official investigation. In other words, it allows citizens to remain private and anonymous. As a result, the private nature of the program can sometimes make official investigations more difficult, including investigating DWI.

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