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Mimi Coffey DWI Lawyer

Mimi Coffey is a passionate, strong willed crusader for justice. She is going on her 24th year as a criminal defense lawyer.

Here are some key points about her credentials:

  1. She is board certified in DWI defense by the National College of DUI Defense (NCDD).
  2. Mimi is a Regent with the National College of DUI Defense.
  3. She is the chairman of the NCDD Forensics Committee.
  4. Mimi has appeared as a legal commentator for CNN, national Fox News, and local Dallas/Ft. Worth stations on DWI-related stories.
  5. She is a frequent speaker at both national and state-wide seminars. As a Regent of the NCDD, she educates lawyers across the country.
  6. Mimi tries cases. She is an experienced attorney with a proven trial record (over 300 cases, with 80% of them being jury trials). Her successes include everything from .21 breath tests, blood tests to 3 car accident cases.
  7. Mimi is a fighter. Her cases have made excellent case law for the State of Texas. She even sued the Texas Department of Public Safety in federal court on the Texas DPS surcharge program. When Pantego Police Department started using officers to draw blood in DWI cases, she even sued the individual officer in civil court.
  8. She has won the President’s Heart of a Champion Award from the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCDLA) numerous times. She has spoken at and been the course director for mandy TCDLA DWI seminar (co chairing Mastering Scientific Evidence in New Orleans for many years).
  9. Mimi led the effort to get the Texas Board of Legal Specialization to recognize the NCDD’s DWI Certification.
  10. Mimi has been active over many legislative sessions in fighting bad DWI laws. Her efforts prevented the breath/blood test refusal as being a separate crime. On top of that, she has also argued for true deferred adjudication for DWI. It was her bill that was passed by State Representative Charlie Geren that entitles citizens accused to a copy of their DWI video tape, previously forbidden by law.
  11. She has written and been published on DWI/DWI related articles four times nationally and six times statewide. She is the author of Texas DWI Defense published by Lawyers and Judges Publishing, now in its second edition.

For more of her specific DWI credentials click here.

Mimi Coffey is a DWI lawyer who is passionate about helping people who have been arrested, has dedicated her entire career to defending people accused of crimes. Although many defense lawyers have been former prosecutors, she is proud of the fact her entire career has honed in on perfecting the art of the defense. Reputation and integrity matter, Mimi has built her reputation in the legal community through many years of hard work. Alongside the years, came a wide array of factual scenarios in which to hone her craft. “I remember when a young man came to me who could not understand why his breath test was so high. Utilizing my training and research, we were able to prove his rare blood disease affected his hematocrit and therefore his breath result. No doubt, it is truly rewarding to so specialize in a field so that you can spot the outlier issues that can critically affect a case.”