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Drug Possession Charges

Mimi Coffey Possession

The “War on Drugs” is very much alive in the United States.  Felony and state drug charges are very serious.  Just because a police officer charges you with drug possession, does not mean they have a case. Texas Penal Code 1.07 (39) defines possession as meaning “actual care, custody and control or management.”  The common issues that occur in these cases involve:

  1. The legality of the initial stop.
  2. The legality of the search.
  3. The voluntariness of any confession.
  4. Credibility issues in dog sniffs.
  5. Facts as to knowledge and knowing possession.

When you face a possession charge it can be scary, intimidating, and exhausting. Throughout the process of your case, you will want a caring, knowledgeable, and hard-working team on your side. The Coffey Firm is committed to helping you through this process.

Each of our attorneys work hands on to ensure that you will feel comfortable, and made aware of all of your options. Our confidential evaluations are free, all you need to do is call us!

What is the punishment for a Drug Possession Charge?

Possession of Marijuana Punishments:

<2 oz is a Class B Misdemeanor

>2 oz – 4 oz is a Class A Misdemeanor

>4 oz – 5 Pounds is a State Jail Felony

>5 – 50 Pounds is a 3rd Degree Felony

>50 – 2,000 Pounds is a 2nd Degree Felony

2,000+ Pounds is a Life or 5-99 Years in Prison/$50k


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