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Collin County Criminal Cases

Lawyer DWI Collin County

Collin County is exploding with growth right now. It is booming in terms of population, property values, job opportunities and economy.  It is a very friendly county which welcomes outsiders and newcomers to its community. Here are some Collin County criminal case positives:


  1. The Collin County Sheriff’s Department is in charge of security. They are most professional. They always have a smile on their face. They routinely go above and beyond the call of duty by helping  lawyers and citizens accused with the scheduling of their court dates.
  2. The Collin County judges are very friendly, understanding and don’t hesitate to take actions on their own (without even the lawyers asking) that add intrinsic value to the community. For example, they often reduce the duration of license suspension and waive prohibitively expensive surcharges (pre Sept. 2019 law change).
  3. Many courts allow the lawyers to schedule the court dates that accommodate both their schedules and their clients’ schedules.  This makes for a much more efficient system and cuts down on work time that citizens accused must miss in order to appear in court.


Despite the many positives to Collin County, there are some concerns that a citizen accused must be aware of:


  1. The present elected District Attorney Greg Willis currently maintains a “no obstruction” policy on DWIs.  What this means is that cases that have no business being prosecuted often result in jury and bench trials at a cost to the Collin County taxpayers and the citizens accused.
  2. The Collin County Veterans Court is not similar to other counties in that they do not dismiss the DWI convictions for veterans who complete their program. This defeats the objective of the program to help place the veteran in a position in which they won’t be limited in employment due to a conviction, despite having their substance abuse issues resolved.
  3. Collin County is unique to other North Texas counties in that the probation department has much greater control in sentencing than the judge in other counties, whereas judges are more likely to control the conditions of probation (for example, reporting versus non reporting). It is standard practice that the Collin County judges defer to the probation department on the particulars of probation conditions.