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Mimi is a nationally renown, NCDD Board-Certified DWI trial attorney who has successfully defended DWIs for over 24 years established. She established The Coffey Firm, specializing in DWI and Criminal Defense, in 2000. The Coffey Firm handles DWI and Criminal Defense cases in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and surrounding counties, including CollinDenton, Johnson, and Parker Counties. Mimi Coffey has employed a team that will diligently and cooperatively work on your case. If you need a DWI attorney, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mimi Coffey Law Firm

Andrew Morris

Senior Managing Attorney
Criminal Defense Lawyer

Geoffrey Reynolds

Associate Attorney
The Coffey Firm

Steven Ditomasso

Associate Attorney
The Coffey Firm

Cainan Ballagia

Supervised Practice Attorney

Steven Ditommaso is an Associate Attorney for the Tarrant County office. He handles client services for Tarrant, Johnson, Parker and Hood counties. He also tries cases with Mimi.

Andrew Morris is the Managing Attorney at the Dallas office. He has been with The Coffey Firm for 11 years. He handles ALR hearings, dockets, pleas, motions and trials for Dallas, Denton, and Collin Counties alongside Mimi.

Some of the Fort Worth Office attorneys ready to fight for your case!

Geoffrey Reynolds is an Associate Attorney for the Tarrant County office. Mr. Reynolds focuses on ALR and ODL hearings.

Cainan Ballagia is a Supervised Practice Attorney for the Tarrant County office.

Office Staff

On top of our hard-working associates, The Coffey Firm also has a team of fantastic Legal and Admin Assistants.

The Coffey Firm

Robyn Burkett

Office Manager, Legal Assistant


The Coffey Firm

Donna Reid

Legal Assistant


The Coffey Firm

Lexa Martin

Admin Assistant



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