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The Coffey Firm Testimonials

Mimi Coffey started The Coffey Firm in 2000. The Coffey Firm is ecstatic to have created relationships with our clients. Here is what our clients are saying about us:

“After a DWI arrest, you are embarrassed, humiliated, and in need of competent, experienced legal representation. In my case, a personal friend who is a local attorney, advised me to contact Mimi Coffey. He went on to say, that without question, the Coffey Firm will offer the single best defense of a DWI arrest! He was absolutely correct. The process can be lengthy but allow Mimi and her associates to, as she put it, ‘Do my job, that’s why you hired me!!’ [Everyone was] … top professionals who kept me informed and were always available to answer my many questions. We successfully resolved my case and I am so grateful to everyone at the Coffey Firm for everything they did for me. Thank you, Mimi!!”

-Michael Henehan

“Where do I begin.. The moment I met Mimi and her staff I knew i was in the right place. From the very beginning it was about ME as a person and then the facts of the case against me. I was in a very bad situation involving a accident I had and after almost 2 years of pain and fear Mimi and her team gave me life again. Words can’t express how much they mean to me. I will never forget them and I tell them we are family now. If you are looking for a true fighter and someone who will stand up for her clients on what’s right then Mimi is the one. I love her. Her team is amazing and they all compliment each other very well. DONNA became like a mother to me and I saw and felt her compassion from day one. She is amazing and I saw her give me everything she had and more. She always kept a smile on and always told me everything will be fine. I love you DONNA. Steven and Lanny acted like brothers too me and went to fight for me in every way. They were like big brothers that saw someone picking on little brother and they had to do something and they did and I’m thankful for them. I love you guys. I can go on and on about how I feel about the COFFEY firm. Mimi is the best lawyer I can ask for. I saw her first hand pour her heart and soul into her work and me as a human being… Thank you Thank you Thank you. Go see the COFFEY FIRM. BEST IN DFW HANDS DOWN.. I LOVE YOU GUYS.. “

-Mike Mitchell

“The most stressful call a parent can receive is the one in the middle of the night from your kid who says. ‘I’m in jail because of DWI.’ As a parent there are only unknowns, what do we do? We went online and blindly selected a lawyer. After the first meeting it just didn’t feel right, so we then contacted The Coffey Firm. That was the BEST decision we ever made. From the very beginning her support staff and her other lawyers were empathetic and supportive. Throughout the long legal process, we had many questions, and they patiently answered them all. Mimi was a gem! As a parent herself, she knows what we parents were going through. She worked for her client our son, but also encouraged and explained things to us. And her knowledge of the law, coupled with her experience is – I believe – what made the difference for our son’s cases. (Yes. two.) We view for our son as VERY successful. Based on this personal experience, I can easily recommend them to anyone in need of DWI defense services. Mimi Coffey and her staff are real pros.”

-Mike Schwarz

”The main thing I can say about the Coffey firm is how they kept me so relaxed through the whole process. They were there when I just needed to talk. I could of not found any firm better to represent me through this difficult time in my life. To everyone in the office, to Mrs. Coffey, all of them did a OUTSTANDING job for me. I again cannot say thank you enough. Again Thank You.”

-Bobby Winn

”The Coffey firm is great, they did everything possible to win the case. Thanks again guys.”

-Omar Martinez

”The Coffey Firm was extremely helpful in working my DUI case. The team is amazing, they responded to all questions and concerns that I had both quickly and professionally. Most importantly, Mimi Coffey’s knowledge of DUI procedures is second to none and she did an excellent job extracting very favorable outcome for my case. This is a firm that will treat you well, make the entire legal process seamless, and wow you with their expertise. I would highly recommend Mimi’s services to anyone who is facing DUI charges.”

-Richard Murray

“I cannot say enough about The Coffey Firm! From the moment I walked into their office door… to my court date where Mimi represented me personally, the process was without a doubt a complete success. Each member of the team inspired confidence every step of the way. They all take a very personal approach and made sure I was well taken care of! This is a group of experienced and caring people that I put all of my trust in. They were able to produce an amazing outcome on my case! Right after I got my DWI, I asked a family member (who is a former Judge for the State of Texas) for advice. I followed his advice and it led me right to The Coffey Firm. One of the things that impressed me before ever going in for my initial consultation was the amount of expertise Mimi has gained through years of specialized DWI defense she has provided for so many people. She is also heavily involved in state and national DWI defense attorney organizations. She is even a Regent of the National College for DUI Defense. Without this level of expertise I would have felt lost and intimidated by the myriad of processes that the judicial system has in place for DWI. With this team on my side, I was confident that my case would result in the absolute best possible outcome. In hindsight, that confidence was warranted and justified, because they produced what I’ve since described to other people as a ‘home run’. I would quickly recommend The Coffey Firm to anyone in need of representation for a DWI, these guys are the best in the business!”