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Can you get a DWI Blood Test Thrown Out?

Texas DWI, Blood Draw, Blood Test Mimi Coffey DWI LawyerHow can you Suppress a DWI Blood Test?

“Can you get a DWI Blood Test thrown out?” is a very common question in Texas DWI Defense. While most people assume that a DWI Blood Test is automatically admitted, the truth is not so simple. There are various issues when it comes to DWI Blood Tests. Perhaps the person drawing blood performed the blood draw incorrectly. Or, maybe the seals on the blood tubes were faulty. These are just two broad examples. A DWI Blood Test is a scientific issue, meaning it must satisfy the legal test for scientific evidence. In short, there is a possibility to suppress the Blood Test depending on the facts.

Even if not suppressed, a judge or jury may disregard a DWI blood test if it is not reliable. In other words, even if the judge denies a motion to suppress, Mimi can still attack the issues with the DWI blood test in front of a jury. If a jury disregards the blood test, than the fact that the judge denied suppression becomes moot. This is because the State cannot appeal an acquittal (absent special circumstances). On the other hand, the State usually may appeal a decision granting suppression. The short-and-simple version is that suppression is a preliminary issue while acquittal is the final decision of a fact-finder.

What does it mean to throw out the DWI Blood Test?

Once the court throws out the DWI blood test, the State can not use it against you. A suppressed blood test means that the issue with the test/draw was so severe as to be a violation of your rights. For example, if police drew your blood as a result of a defective search warrant, than it may be possible to throw out the blood test. The typical legal term is “fruit of the poisonous tree”. This term means that if the initial stop/search is invalid, then any evidence obtained as a result of that is likewise “tainted” and should not be used. Mimi understands the potential scientific and legal issues with DWI blood test. She knows which suppression motion to file and how to analyze the potential arguments to use at the hearing.

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