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Unlicensed Carry and LTCs

By now the phrase "Constitutional Carry" likely sounds familiar. The general idea is that individuals can now carry a handgun without a license. But, what exactly is going on between Unlicensed Carry and LTCs? When most people heard about Unlicensed Carry, they probably thought that the whole LTC system was scrapped. That is far from the truth. While the new law amended the LTC system slightly, LTCs still very much exist. Though a license is no longer necessary to carry, there are still benefits to obtaining a license. Put simply, the new law did not repeal the LTC program. Some Confusing Points...

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Fake Deferred on Licenses to Carry

Be wary about the effect of the Fake Deferred on Licenses to Carry. Do not let deferred adjudication fool you. While there are many benefits to deferred adjudication, such as somewhat easier requirements for a nondisclosure, there are also many nonsensical rules. As mention in another blog, sometimes deferred adjudication counts as a conviction for enhancement purposes. This occurs frequently for Deferred Adjudication DWI and Deferred Adjudication Family Violence. But, you may not know that deferred adjudication also affects your License to Carry. Despite the new 'Constitutional Carry' law, Licenses to Carry are still very relevant. In other words, the 'Constitutional...

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