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DWI Blood Test: Sanitary Place Requirement

Understanding statutes and case law is crucial to winning a DWI blood test case. One of the most important laws about DWI blood tests tends to go overlooked. That section says that a DWI blood test “must be taken in a sanitary place.” Though this statute is in the Transportation Code, neither it nor the Penal Code define sanitation. However, the Health and Safety Code defines ‘sanitary’ as “a condition of good order and cleanliness that precludes the possibility of disease transmission.” This may seem like common sense, but many prosecutors tend to overlook this requirement. Obvious violations include bugs or dirt in the blood test room, open trash containers and more. However, the statute does not limit the sanitary requirement to egregious violations such as those.

One of the main ways this sanitary place requirement arises is when the DWI blood test occurs in a jail. On top of general sanitation requirements per the Health and Safety Code, jails also have administrative requirements regarding sanitation through the Texas Commission on Jail Standards. For one, the Administrative Code requires that each jail “have and implement” a sanitation plan approved by the commission. This plan requires, among other things, a “regular daily schedule” of sanitation work and inspections. Further, upon “completion of a comprehensive inspection” the commission issues a certificate of compliance for jails meeting “minimum jail standards.” Documentation showing a jail has this certificate and sanitation plan is critical to winning DWI blood test cases.

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