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Denton County is a unique county.  Although it is a university town, this does not constitute the majority of its voters or jury pools.  It is an aging county, much like Tarrant County, and represents the best of what aged societies do: tolerance, broad demographics, adaptation to society challenges and the compassion and wisdom that comes with those issues.  In terms of jury verdicts, one can expect to get a diverse panel.  The positives of Denton County include:

1 Most misdemeanor court dates are excusable except the first and plea settings.  (Always verify with our office whether or not your attendance is required.)

2.  Some of the prosecutors are very open minded in terms of resolving cases.

3.  County jail time can be done on weekends.

Some challenges of Denton County include:

1  All felony court appearances are mandatory.

2. Hearings may be required for early interlock removal and occupational drivers licenses.

3. Discovery is still paper heavy. Paper discovery is generally given and one must drop off zip drives for video production (as opposed to downloads).


There are many newly elected judges in Denton County. This means that much is unpredictable, until patterns and knowledge of how each judge operates is established.  The bar in Denton County is very friendly, helpful and accommodating.