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DWI Lawyer in Johnson County

Mimi Coffey DWI Lawyer in Johnson CountyJohnson county is a fairly conservative county. As a result, being a DWI Lawyer in Johnson County can sometimes be frustrating.  In other words, Johnson County tends to be very strict on defendants, even for a first-time DWI. For example, Johnson County requires anyone applying for an ODL to install an interlock in their car AND physically appear for an ODL hearing. Conversely, many other counties, like Tarrant County, only require interlock and/or a hearing under specific circumstances. Usually, this happens when the DWI involved an accident or a minor, or when the person has multiple DWI arrest on their driving record. If have an arrest for DWI in Johnson County, Mimi is a DWI Lawyer in Johnson County that knows how strict Johnson County pretrial torture can be even to those who don’t have a court date yet.