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Tarrant County Criminal Cases

Tarrant County Criminal Cases

Mimi Coffey was born and raised in Ft. Worth, Texas. Tarrant County is a language and culture she has understood since birth. The Coffey Firm handles all types of Tarrant County criminal cases and DWI/DUI Defense cases in Tarrant county.

Here are some basic pointers to know about the Tarrant County Criminal Justice System:

  1. Most courts are strict about requiring your presence in court (literally inside the court). Be early, check in with the bailiff, and dress appropriately (avoid t-shirts, hats, low cut blouses, etc.). Most court dates do not involve the resolution of your case but still require your appearance. We, at the Coffey Firm, will contact you prior to each court date where possible to touch base as to a basic outline of what to expect (will the case be continued, etc.)
  2. Every County (misdemeanor) and District (felony) Judge has the authority to handle their dockets as they see fit. Unfortunately, due to the requirement of having to appear this can be very hectic to your schedule. Often, courts change their schedules with very short notice (trials come up, etc.). Please save your vacation dates for these appearances. The best policy is to always pay your legal fees up front so as to minimize unnecessary court dates once a case strategy is formed.
  3. Judges, probation officers, clerks and in some courts the DAs are all in the courtroom (other courts have the DAs negotiating in the back). Most action will take place in a central location as far as sentencing is concerned. If the case results in probation, be prepared to go across the street for a probation orientation. If the case is resolved (other than a Not Guilty), be prepared to make payment arrangements with the clerk’s office after leaving court. On the day your case is being resolved, it is a good idea to take the entire day off.
  4. Great things about Tarrant County: many judges will waive community service if you pay court costs and fines in full the day your case is resolved, most judges are very open to discussion about options (case issues, etc.).
  5. Challenges in Tarrant County: anitquated tradition of a citizen accused’s presence being required for most court dates, little control of the scheduling of court dates, etc.

The Coffey Firm handles most types of criminal cases in Tarrant County in addition to DWI including assaults, drug charges, criminal trespass, evading the police, unlawful carry of a weapon, criminal mischief, etc.

Mimi has been handling a wide variety of criminal cases in addition to her DWI caseload and trials since 1995. Mimi’s jury trials range from from assault, to aggravated assault of a public servant with a deadly weapon in her 24 years of practicing law.

All these cities will submit their misdemeanors (above a class C ticket) and felony charges to the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office for prosecution. On top of that, The Coffey Firm proudly serves Dallas County, Collin County, and many others as well.