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About Mimi Coffey:

Mimi Coffey was born and raised in far west Ft. Worth, Texas, on the outskirts of Parker County. She
is about as far west as you can go before you are actually in Parker County. Her main residence is
minutes from Hudson Oaks, and Weatherford (Parker County). She describes Parker County as very
Fort Worth but with its own special small-town feel. She recently joked at a Parker County Bar
Association luncheon where she was the guest speaker, that she feels very home here, especially with
the fact that two out of her 3 husbands lived in Parker County before they met! Mimi loves Parker
County. The Coffey Firm handles all types of Parker County criminal cases.

Here are some basic pointers to know about the Parker County Criminal Justice System:

1. Felonies and Misdemeanors are Handled by Different Offices

There are two separate elected attorneys that are responsible for the prosecution of criminal cases. The felonies are handled by the elected District Attorney. The misdemeanors are handled by the elected County Attorney. They are two separate and distinct offices.

2. Elected District Attorney

The elected County Attorney who handles misdemeanors is John Forrest. He was a criminal defense lawyer before getting elected. He does an excellent job: https://youtu.be/G5Evr_9alws. What is most admirable about the County Attorney is that he hires well-seasoned, experienced prosecutors who have a broad perspective on life (most over the age of 45) and criminal defense experience. John knows that good people make mistakes and he does what he can to make sure that mistakes don’t ruin a person’s ability to be a productive citizen.

3. Court Staff

The staff at the court, everyone from the bailiffs, court coordinators, clerks, and probation officers are super friendly and helpful. It is a very pleasant environment to work in with such courteous and positive staff. It is extremely helpful that the courts will work with us on scheduling trials. The courts are very sensitive to the fact that Tarrant County has morning dockets and are very understanding in scheduling afternoon dockets when there are

4. Parker County District Attorney’s Office

The District Attorney’s office can be very responsive to creative solutions prior to the filing of a felony case. Compliments to intake attorney Kathleen Catania, in particular.

5. Challenges in Parker County

There can be major delay in the filing of felony cases. This is particularly
alarming when it comes to citizens accused who can’t afford to bond out. The Coffey Firm handles most types of criminal cases in Parker County in addition to DWI, including assaults, drug charges, criminal trespass, evading the police, unlawful carry of a weapon, criminal mischief, etc.
Mimi Coffey is a nationally-renowned trial attorney, board-certified in DWI by the NCDD. She has been practicing for over 24 years and is an author of multiple DWI Defense textbooks and is a national and state-wide lecturer on the law. Mimi has been handling a wide variety of criminal cases in addition to her DWI caseload and trials since 1995. For example, Mimi’s jury trials range from from assault, to aggravated assault of a public servant with a deadly weapon in her 24 years of practicing law.

Cities in Parker County:

  • Aledo
  • Annetta
  • City of Annetta North
  • City of Annetta South
  • Azle
  • Hudson Oaks
  • Reno
  • Springtown
  • Weatherford
  • Willow Park