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Texas DWI: Private Security Registration License Notice

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Texas DWI: Private Security Registration License Notice

A Texas DWI may prevent you from becoming a security officer

If you are the holder of a private security registration license, be aware that certain offenses can suspend your license. Most serious offenses, such as murder, assault, and burglary, can result in suspension. Driving while intoxicated, by itself, may not lead to suspension. However, if you commit a Texas DWI in your capacity under the registration, then a DWI may still result in suspension. Any offense that may deem you ‘unfit’ can also result in suspension.


See also: Texas Occupations Code § 53.021

Further, you are not eligible to become an armed security officer if, at the time of your application, you are currently charged with a Class A or Class B misdemeanor (such as a Texas DWI) or a disqualifying felony. Texas Occupations Code § 1702.113.