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DWI Dismissals & Obstruction of the Highway

DWI Dismissals & Obstruction of the Highway

What is obstructing a highway?

DWI Dismissals & Obstruction of the Highway

If you have been arrested for DWI in Texas, you are probably asking yourself the following questions:

  • 1. Can I get my DWI dismissed? If so, how? How likely is it that my DWI case can be dismissed?
  • 2. I have heard of people getting their DWI cases reduced to “obstruction of a highway.” What is “obstruction of a highway?” How likely is it that I might get an “obstruction of a highway?”
  • 3. Will a DWI conviction be permanently on my record?

At the Coffey Firm, we believe in straight talk. Mimi does not advertise “DWI dismissals” or “DWI reduced to Obstruction of a Highway” for the following reasons:

  • 1. Very few DWI cases result in dismissals. A check with the county clerk in any county will confirm this. The percentage of DWI cases resulting in dismissal to the those resulting in conviction are very few. The numbers vary from county to county and are dependent on a host of factors. The Coffey Firm does get dismissals and reductions but these are very fact and case dependent. No one result of a particular case is any indicator of the probability of how another case may get disposed.
  • 2. Every DWI case stands on its own. It is not possible to “hear the circumstances” of a DWI case and assess its outcome. With every DWI, a full case review must be had in order to determine the best course of action. A full blown case analysis includes discussing the facts as it relates to both sides, going over the police report and videos, and ascertaining the legalities of the situation, in addition to understanding the people and policies involved of the judge and prosecutor.
  • There are a host of possibilities that may occur when one moves forward for a trial or motion. These possibilities include options that would never occur in a plea bargain. We are happy to discuss these with you when we are retained to represent you on your case.

Obstruction of a Highway

Obstruction of a highway or passageway is a misdemeanor class B crime. The implications in a DWI context is that a settlement of the DWI case is being reached to avoid a DWI conviction. Most people are desirous of avoiding a DWI conviction. It is important to note that many DWI’s are never given this option. What this means, how it looks, and the implications and conditions of an obstruction of a highway are something we look forward to discussing with you, should it occur, in the representation of your case. It is important to note that there are distinct advantages to having your case reduced to an obstruction of a highway.

Will a DWI conviction stay on my record permanently?

The answer to that case use to be yes subject to a pardon by the Governor. Now the answer is a very complex one depending on your past arrest records and the facts of your DWI situation. Once we have resolved your case, we can then determine your eligibility for any options that involve sealing or expunging your record.