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Forensic Problems in the Criminal Courts

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="276"] Forensic problems caused a wrongful conviction in the Michael Morton case.[/caption] There is a big difference between civil courts and criminal courts. The obvious fact is one deals with money and the other, the loss of liberty (e.g., jail or prison). The rules of evidence that govern both systems are essentially the same. At least, one would think they should be the same. The reality is that criminal courts have come under large scrutiny for not following the rules of evidence when it comes to the forensic problem of bogus science. The National Academy of Science and...

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Texas Has a Real Problem with Forensic Testing Accountability

[caption id="attachment_3937" align="alignleft" width="241"] Texas Has a Real Problem with Forensic Testing Accountability[/caption] An El Paso Texas Department of Public Safety forensic analyst faked 22 blood results and the Texas Forensic Commission finds she was negligent. Faking blood results is not mere negligence. It is criminal and can ruin the lives of many. Let's break this situation down to clarify the issue . . . What went wrong? A Texas Department of Public Safety forensic analyst, Ana Lilia Romero, had 22 blood samples to retest. Instead, she did a cut and paste job of the earlier test results. This is criminal misconduct, no...

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A Sad Day in America

It is a sad day in America because the National Commission on Forensic Science has been terminated. This commission has helped overturn convictions based on faulty forensic science. Further, the commission has been helpful for DUI and Criminal Defense lawyers. The commission helps by exploring minimal qualifications to be able to be an analyst in reporting a forensic result. It further helps in determining minimum requirements to ensure validity in forensic science. The elimination of this commission harms more than helps those accused of a crime, including a DUI. It will also harm DUI and Criminal Defense lawyers. The harm...

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