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Mimi Coffey

About Mimi & Credentials

I am a DWI defense lawyer with 25 years experience and the founder of The Coffey Firm, which specializes in DWI and Criminal Defense. Serving DWI clients in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas. Mimi Coffey is board certified by the National College of DUI Defense (NCDD) and we are listed on top directories such as Top Fort Worth DWI Attorneys, Best Tarrant County DUI Lawyers, Arlington DWI Lawyers, Top DWI Lawyers in Collin County and Top Dallas DWI Defense Lawyer. I am a caring DWI Lawyer in DFW,  I am also involved in the Texas Tech School of Law foundation and I enjoy using the skills I have developed to give back to the community.  More about Mimi


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Texas DWI Defense Publication

Texas DWI Defense The Law and Practice. Authored by DWI Lawyers Mimi Coffey and James Nesci

Mimi Coffey literally wrote the textbook on DWI Defense in Texas. She has authored this masterpiece published by Lawyers and Judges Publishing Company, Inc. This means that with Mimi you will get the best possible defense by a bar certified, practicing, teaching and a recognized expert on the most important case. YOURS!


Don’t Let A Texas DWI Ruin Your Life. We All Make Mistakes, and This Should NOT Define You.

When you’ve been arrested for a DWI in Texas and you think it’s unjust or not fair, then you need a lawyer who knows Texas DWI law inside and out and more importantly, a lawyer who can protect your rights, make sure you’re treated fairly and who knows how to get results.

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What makes a “TOP” DWI Lawyer?

One word: “Experience”. I have worked hard over the years ever since I became a criminal defense attorney. After 25 years of practice, I am proud to represent my community and I believe that everyone is entitled to a strong defense when faced with the emotional stress and life-changing effects of a DWI, including inability to be qualified as an instructor for your child’s driver’s education. I am a DWI Attorney that is board certified in DWI Defense by the National College of DUI Defense (NCDD), which is a certification that is not easily or freely earned.

I have also been invited to be a legal analyst on many national news programs, which again shows how respected my experience is on a national level. The same can be said about teaching and speaking. I have been invited to speak and teach at multiple criminal defense conferences, but I especially pride myself constantly teaching my team of attorneys at the Coffey Firm. I hold myself and the rest of my firm to a very high standard.

Dallas DWI Lawyer

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Mimi Coffey DWI Lawyer

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Criminal Defense Lawyer, Mimi Coffey DWI Lawyer

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Mimi Coffey DWI Lawyer, Texas DWI, DWI Defense Lawyers

The Coffey Firm offers experienced DWI Lawyers, including Mimi Coffey, who is Board Certified in DWI by the NCDD.

Mimi Coffey DWI Lawyer, Texas DWI, Texas ALR, Texas License Suspension

Texas ALR Hearings can be confusing. We have created a information page with Frequently Asked Questions…

Mimi Coffey DWI Lawyer, Texas Nondisclosure, Texas Expunction

How are they different? Are you eligible for either?

Mimi Coffey DWI Lawyer, Texas Family Violence, Texas Assault

The Coffey Firm are also BWI Attorneys and handle other criminal cases including Assault, Possession.