Mimi Coffey

Mimi CoffeyMimi Coffey is a trial attorney with almost 20 years experience. She is the founder of The Coffey Firm. She has law offices in both Dallas and Tarrant Counties. She is board-certified in DWI by the National College of DUI Defense (NCDD) and has been the Texas delegate for the NCDD for several years.

She has also appeared numerous times as a legal commentator for CNN, National Fox News, as well as local Dallas/Fort Worth stations on DWI-related stories. She is also a frequent speaker at both national and state-wide seminars. She is a prolific trial attorney with a proven trial record. She has tried over 300 cases, with 80% of them being jury trials in her 20 year career. Her successes include everything from .21 breath tests, blood tests to 3 car accident cases. Mimi’s cases have also made excellent case law for the State of Texas.
Mimi has won the President’s Heart of a Champion Award presented by the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCDLA) numerous times. Mimi also led the effort to get the State Bar of Texas’ Board of Legal Specialization to recognize the NCDD’s DWI Certification.

Mimi has been active over the past 4 legislative sessions in fighting against bad DWI laws. Her efforts prevented the breath/blood test refusal as being a separate crime. She has advocated for true deferred adjudication for DWI.

Mimi's Book

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She is the author of Texas DWI Defense: The Law and Practice. For even the most seasoned Texas attorney, defending DWI cases has always presented special challenges. Today mounting a successful defense is more difficult than ever. Now you have the advantage with Texas DWI Defense: The Law and Practice. This text and DVD contain more information than any other source to help you attain a successful verdict (Also available as a Kindle Download).
Written by James Nesci, Board Certified by the National College for DUI Defense and Mimi Coffey, a Texas DWI law expert, Texas DWI Defense: The Law and Practice ensures that you understand the chemical, biological and technological concepts and issues underlying DWI prosecution and defense in the State of Texas. The authors provide the most up-to-date information available on key areas of DWI law in the State of Texas including: DWI Investigations, Driving and Field Sobriety Testing, Drug Recognition Evaluation and Chemical Testing, Blood Alcohol Calculations, Pretrial Investigations and Motions, Practice, Plea Offers and Agreements, DWI Trial Procedures, and more. She is also the author of three nationally-published articles and many state-wide articles.

Many practical tools and applications designed to streamline and simplify the complex DWI defense process have been developed along with this book. They are all included on a bonus DVD — so you can locate, review and print them out in a matter of seconds. The companion DVD includes NHTSA studies, articles and visual detection videos, as well as expanded sections on Texas law and procedure.