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What To Look For in a top DWI Lawyer

Mimi has been practicing criminal defense for 28 years in north Texas and knows exactly what you should look for in a top Tarrant County DWI lawyer. Whether you are looking for an Arlington top DWI lawyer, Ft. Worth, Dallas or its many north Texas suburbs, the Coffey Firm is well known for honest, skilled representation.  For starters, these are serious warnings:

  1.  DON’T TRUST THE REVIEWS. Most people with a DWI do not want to be known as having one.  Don’t trust the reviews. Most clients do not want to be known through a review. We cannot speak to the legitimacy of all the reviews.
  2. BIG ADVERTISER DOLLARS DOES NOT EQUATE TO BIG RESULTS, IT EQUATES TO BIG OVERHEAD. Don’t trust the big marketers.  Just because a law firm can pay for ads does not mean they are competent.  Google Ads  can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  It is way too easy for law firms that do no specialize in DWI to appear they are the best to hire.  Trust experience, word of mouth and credentials. Most lawyers who advertise they are “DWI lawyers” do not even belong to the nation’s premier DWI organization the NCDD. The NCDD provides the only board certification in DWI recognized by the American Bar Association and the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Mimi Coffey is the only north Texas lawyer (DFW) board certified in DWI by the NCDD.
  3. ANY LAWYER WHO PROMISES A RESULT SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED. It is impossible for a lawyer to promise a result without being able to see the State’s evidence, negotiate and discuss your version of the facts.  To do so is to violate the Texas Lawyer’s Creed and is unethical. Of course, everyone wants soothing reassurance that their case will go away. This simply is not true for most people. Anytime a lawyer tells you what you want to hear from the very outset of a case, you should be suspect.  You want a truthful lawyer, not a charlatan.

Mimi Coffey has practiced DWI defense for 28 years in north Texas. She has the experience, wisdom and caring to know how to best help you with your situation.  Mimi has earned a reputation of what you want in a Tarrant County DWI lawyer:

  1. Experience.  Mimi has been practicing for 28 years. She opened the Coffey Firm in 2000. The Coffey Firm has been serving north Texas for 23 years.   People know that she has an open door policy, walk ins are welcome, and all her clients get her cell phone. She has a fully staffed office in both Fort Worth and Dallas serving Tarrant, Parker, Johnson, Wise, Dallas, Collin, Denton, Rockwall and Ellis counties.  She analyzes every single case personally. She has had close to 400 trials. She is not  just a well known name on a billboard. She is a hard working, humble, caring, accessible lawyer that cares very much about the people who come to her.
  2. Wisdom.  Lawyers across the country seek her help and advice. For years she has lectured to other lawyers across Texas and the country. She has published numerous articles in both the state and national criminal defense lawyer magazines.  She has published 2 textbooks on DWI in Texas.
  3. Caring.  Mimi believes strongly that lawyers owe a duty to help their communities.  For years Mimi has been providing scholarships to high school and law students. She is an active member of the Texas Tech School of Law Foundation Board. She gives back to the State Bar of Texas by serving on the Jury Service Committee of the Texas State Bar. She is in her 11th year of public service to other DWI lawyers on the NCDD Board of Regents which helps educate public defenders across the United States.  On a personal level, she is a mom to 4 grown children.  She took in an exchange student years ago and a family from Ukraine after Russia invaded.  Mimi refused to ever let her mother go into a nursing home. Mimi’s mom lived with her since law school and they were a powerful team until her passing this March at age 88.

Call the Coffey Firm at 817-831-3100 with your Tarrant County DWI or criminal case. Experience matters. Kindness, caring and compassion are key.