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5 Scary Facts About a DWI in Texas

1. What? Why are police arresting me for a DWI in Texas even though I only take my prescription?

The State often prosecutes cases when medications in a person’s blood are in therapeutic range. Why? A state toxicologist, without any reference to a person’s medication history (tolerance) will rely on the police report! This is not science. Mimi has won DWI in Texas cases on this.

2. What? Why are police arresting me for Texas DWI when I am responsibly sitting in my car calling an Uber?

Asleep at the Wheel. The police will arrest a person in a parking lot (trying to do the right thing) based on “operating a motor vehicle”. The law does not define operation. Cops think that if the keys are in the ignition this means operating. Not true. Mimi has tried and won cases on this.

3. Are there any legal exceptions to DWI in Texas for an emergency?

Cops will still arrest and charge a person for DWI in Texas even if they are in a “necessity” defense. It is up to us to present and argue the necessity of the defense. For example, if a woman is about to be grabbed in a parking lot, the law allows a limited defense of necessity to escape a greater harm. Mimi has tried and won cases on this.

4. My case isn’t settled, so why is the county punishing me like I’m already on probation?

The cost of a “personal recognizance bond” are often more expensive than just getting a bail bondsman. The often stringent requirements of pretrial supervision makes one feel like the court has already sentenced them. This is an abuse of the courts. The purpose of bond is to secure one’s appearance to court. The law must change. Mimi is running for Texas State House District 99 to bring common sense back to our laws (yes, she will still maintain her practice). Mimi is very passionate about needed changes in the laws.

5. Why am I taking off so much work for court dates where nothing happens?

People lose jobs wasting unnecessary time going to meaningless court dates. Some counties still require court appearances early in the process that can and should be avoided. Much change is necessary to protect people’s jobs and livelihoods as they face charges. The Coffey Firm has been successful in trying to excuse court dates for students and out-of-towners where possible. There is no reason in the 21st century why Texas DWI Lawyers (answering for their clients) and technology cannot minimize unnecessary disruption to an accused citizen’s life where important junctures in the legal process can obtain full accountability in court appearances. Payment up front can expedite this process.