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The Coffey Firm offers FREE AND CONFIDENTIAL DWI case consultations.

What is a Free DWI Consultation?

A free consultation is where we get to know more about you and your case. In short, during this free consultation, we will gather information, discuss scheduling, learn more about your life situation, and discuss the details of the representation and its costs.

Some of the information we will gather and discuss is the court handling your charge, whether it is a felony or misdemeanor charge, and what degree charge your charge is (i.e., Class B, State Jail, 3rd degree, etc.). Sometimes, if your case has not been filed yet, we will discuss some of the potential positive and negatives of each court, such as whether the judge is strict on interlock requirements or whether the judge allows for community service to be waived.

We will also discuss scheduling at the free consultation. In other words, we will verify whether your case has been filed yet, whether the court has set your first court date, and (if the charge is a felony) whether a grand jury has indicted your case.

We will also get to know more about you and your life situation. You are more than just a case number, so we want to know about what happened during your arrest and gather some humanizing information. In other words, we want to know more about your family, any military or “first responders” service, and your background.

Finally, we address the elephant in the room and discuss the details of representation, including the fee. The Coffey Firm offers payment plans so we can work with you during this stressful time. At the free consultation we will discuss the payment plan, or the *possible* payment plan if the case has not been filed yet (as some courts are more strict than others about allowing multiple court dates).

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Awards for Mimi Coffey DWI Lawyer

Mimi Coffey has more than 25 years of experience successfully defending people in Dallas County and the DFW metroplex against DWI, juvenile DUI, BUI, and other alcohol-related charges. The Coffey Firm has abundant experience with DWI cases. We also have a track record of successful trial outcomes in Dallas County Courts and Tarrant County Courts. Call 817-831-3100 to schedule a free DWI consultation with our experienced DWI defense law firm in Fort Worth, Texas.

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When you face a DWI in Tarrant County it can be scary, intimidating, and exhausting. Therefore, you will want a caring, knowledgeable, and hard-working team on your side throughout the DWI process. Because of this, The Coffey Firm commits itself to helping you through this process.

Each of our attorneys work hands-on to ensure that you feel comfortable, and are aware of all of your options. We offer confidential free DWI consultations, all you need to do is call us now at 817-831-3100


What Actual Clients Say About The Coffey Firm

A.M – “I cannot say enough about The Coffey Firm! From the moment I walked into their office door… to my court date where Mimi represented me…”

Richard Murray – ”The Coffey Firm was extremely helpful in working my DUI case. The team is amazing, they responded to all questions and concerns that I had…”

Omar Martinez – ”The Coffey firm is great, they did everything possible to win the case. Thanks again guys.”

Bobby Winn – ”The main thing I can say about the Coffey firm is how they kept me so relaxed through the whole process. They were there when I just needed to…”

Mike Mitchell – “Where do I begin.. The moment I met Mimi and her staff I knew i was in the right place. From the very beginning it was about ME as a person and…”

Michael Henehan – “After a DWI arrest, you are embarrassed, humiliated, and in need of competent, experienced legal representation. In my case, a personal friend…”

Tony Mancil – “I cannot say enough about The Coffey Firm! From the moment I walked into their office door… to my court date where Mimi represented me personally, the process was without a doubt a complete success. Each member of the team inspired confidence every step of the way. They all take a very personal approach and made sure I was well taken care of! This is a group of experienced and caring people that I put all of my trust in. They were able to produce an amazing outcome on my case! Right after I got my DWI, I asked a family member (who is a former Judge for the State of Texas) for advice. I followed his advice and it led me right to The Coffey Firm.

One of the things that impressed me before ever going in for my initial consultation was the amount of expertise Mimi has gained through years of specialized DWI defense she has provided for so many people. She is also heavily involved in state and national DWI defense attorney organizations. She is even a Regent of the National College for DUI Defense. Without this level of expertise I would have felt lost and intimidated by the myriad of processes that the judicial system has in place for DWI. With this team on my side, I was confident that my case would result in the absolute best possible outcome.

In hindsight, that confidence was warranted and justified, because they produced what I’ve since described to other people as a ‘home run’. I would quickly recommend The Coffey Firm to anyone in need of representation for a DWI, these guys are the best in the business!”