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The Coffey Firm Lawyers

Mimi established The Coffey Firm in 2000

Mimi Coffey and Andrew Morris

Andrew Morris is the Managing Attorney at the Dallas office. He has been with The Coffey Firm for 11 years. He handles ALR hearings, dockets, pleas, motions and trials for Dallas, Denton, and Collin Counties alongside Mimi.

Mimi Coffey and Sterling Brown

Sterling Brown is the Associate Attorney for the Tarrant County office. She handles ALRs, occupational license hearings, expunctions and motions for nondisclosure for Tarrant, Johnson, Parker, and Hood counties.

Mimi Coffey and Steven Ditammaso

Steven Ditommaso is the Associate Attorney for the Tarrant County office. He handles client services for Tarrant, Johnson, Parker and Hood counties. He also tries cases with Mimi.

Sterling Brown, Lanny Begley, and Mimi Coffey

Coffey Firm Attorneys enjoy Fort Worth magazine’s 2018 Top Lawyer edition party